Bangkok Canal Tour

Explore Hidden Bangkok: A Unique Adventure on the Iconic Canals in a Traditional Thai Long-Tail Boat

Bangkok Canal Tour

55 USD / 1850 THB
47 USD / 1650 THB
Per person (Minimum 2 persons)


Cultural Tourism


55 USD / 1850 THB


Boat Tour Guide


Up to 15 people


2 Hours


Via Boat

Minimum Age:

No Minimum Age

Dietary Requirements:


Meeting Point:

Opposite Wat Pho

Starting Time:

9:30 am

Experience the pulsating heart of the Venice of the East with our acclaimed Bangkok Canal Tour. Our tour takes you on an authentic and enlightening journey through the intertwining waterways of this vibrant city. By traversing on a traditional Thai long-tail boat, you’ll get a chance to delve into the rich cultural fabric and history of Bangkok, which thrives alongside the city’s iconic canals. This experience allows you to discover the less traveled path and truly unique perspective of Bangkok away from its bustling city streets.

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Tour Description

During our immersive two-hour Bangkok Canal Tour, you’ll sail through the serene Bangkok Yai Canal, nestled in Thonburi, the ancient capital of Thailand.

Vibrant Life on the Klongs (Canals): As we navigate through the labyrinth of waterways, you’ll get an intimate look into the rhythmic lifestyle that exists along the canals, or “klongs”. Here, observe a tableau of everyday life that has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. The canal-side wooden houses, elderly folks enjoying the riverside view from their docks, women engaging in the day’s chores, and children taking joyous plunges into the water. It is a scene that encapsulates the essence of a slow-paced, harmonious lifestyle interwoven with the waters of the canals.

Visit to Baan Silapin (The Artist’s House): Our canal tour includes a memorable stop at Baan Silapin, more popularly known as the Artist’s House. This unique, 200-year-old traditional Thai house is a living testament to the city’s commitment to preserve its artistic heritage. It has been meticulously restored by its owner and converted into a public space dedicated to the arts, particularly traditional Thai puppetry. Baan Silapin sits in the heart of a small community of shophouses along the canal, tied together by a wooden walkway that mirrors the canal’s flow. This rustic setting offers an intimate look into local Thai art and life.

Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen – A Historic Landmark: As the long-tail boat gently maneuvers the klongs, you’ll find yourself in front of the historic Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen. This mid-Ayutthaya period temple, situated in the Phasi Charoen District in Thonburi, stands as a remarkable landmark. But what truly captures the eye is the enormous Buddha statue. Towering nearly 70 meters above the ground, as high as a 20-story building, and 40 meters wide, it’s the largest Buddha image in all of Bangkok. Our skilled boat driver will pause at this location to let you take in the grandeur of this spiritual monument and capture the perfect photo for your travel memoir.

Immersive Cultural Experience: The Bangkok Canal Tour isn’t just about seeing; it’s about experiencing. Feel the cool breeze against your face as the long-tail boat cruises the canals, listen to the rhythmic sound of water lapping against the hull, and absorb the peaceful ambiance that pervades this unique water-bound community. It’s a sensory adventure that will make you appreciate Bangkok’s deep-rooted traditions and slower-paced life that exists away from the city’s modern high-rise landscape.

Our Bangkok Canal Tour is a carefully curated and immersive adventure designed to showcase the hidden charms of Bangkok. Experience the tranquil waterways, fascinating culture, and traditional lifestyle that give the city its unique identity. Book your seat today to embark on an unforgettable journey that captures the essence of Bangkok.

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