5 Best Bangkok Markets only locals know

Not sure where to shop...look at our list of 5 fascinatingly unique markets in and around Bangkok

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While you may not be a hardcore shopaholic, Bangkok markets are an attraction in itself, it is one of those cities renowned for their animated shopping life due to the presence of a high number of markets. While many of the first time visitors concentrate and focus on more touristy spots where you could of course find good stuff at good prices we want to focus more on some less known markets that we hope you will find interesting for your next trip in Bangkok.

The following are our favorite places not only for shopping but also for grabbing a drink or just hanging out with friends:

Bangkok markets – Chang Chui

A new addition to the ever-changing night-market scene in Bangkok is Chang Chui, which is an exciting innovative mixed-use venue–with a full-size aircraft at its center. Bangkok’s night markets are the place to pick up cheap gems while eating delicious street food and swigging cheap beer and cocktails. Its name translates roughly as ‘messy artisan’, a reference to all the artists this place was designed to cater for. Shops are pretty refined and you won’t find any vendors hawking. There is a green zone opens all day from midday until late evening, and then there is a ‘night zone’ that opens in the late afternoon and keeps going until the late night with restaurants and bars.

Chang Chui Market

This park is open every day of the week except on Wednesdays, with the’ green zone’ opening first from 11 am to 9 pm, followed by the’ night zone’ from 4 pm to 11 pm. As far as now to get there it’s possible to get close to the market by taking a comfortable yet unusual mainline train to Bang Bamru station (and then walking the remaining ten minutes), but hopping in a taxi from wherever you’re in Bangkok is much easier. Chang Chui is situated in the outlying Thonburi district of Bangkok on Sirindhorn Avenue.

Bangkok markets – Huay Khwang

A no frills yet important market among locals is the Huay Kwang Market. It starts getting crowded around 7 pm and it goes on almost all night long till 5 am in the morning and it is easily reachable through the MRT Huay Khwang.  There are plenty of restaurants where you can eat, mostly serving spicy Isaan food in an air-conditioned space. The market has everything from frocks to tops to bras and wigs. Would you like to have your hair or nails done at 3 in the morning? The market got you covered, of course.

Huay Kwang Market
                                                   Courtesy of Siamhopgroup.com

Bangkok markets – Hua Mum Night

Huamum is a new opening in the neighborhood of Lat Phrao in the northern part of Bangkok, fairly off – the-radar night market with a local and unusual feel. The items you’ll find for sale at Huamum are similar to those you’ll find elsewhere in Bangkok on famous night markets however they’re not  the typical tourist traps common in some areas. Majority of people at Huamum night market are locals–don’t expect many signs in English – a benefit to this is that you’re likely to find some slightly cheaper prices than elsewhere.

Hua Mum Bangkok market

The market has also become known for one novelty shellfish restaurant in particular, Staneemeehoi, where waiters come in singing, dancing hunky men scantily clad in tutus, tight shirts, bath towels, and even dressed with plastic bags. The market is open from 5 pm to 1 am and it is a 20 minutes taxi drive from the nearest MRT station Lat Phrao.

Bangkok markets – Indy

Another market with an hipster touch, located in the Thonburi side, opens from 6 pm to 12 am. It is a market mainly catering to locals with 440 vendors featuring food, clothes, shoes, accessories and bags, brand-new independent market kicks off. Vintage goods fans can check out a pop-up zone that is devoted to all vintage things, from home decor items to sunglasses to watches. Plenty of parking spaces available


Bangkok markets – Liab Duan

Talad Liab Duan as it is known in Thai literally means market by the expressway. This particular night market, as you would have guessed, takes its name from the adjacent highway. It is a very popular local hot spot which opens every day but does not get busy before 8-9 pm and it closes at around midnight or soon after. You can find almost everything from food, clothes, and vintage items, antiques, to knock off luxury goods and even a small petting zoo! Bars and pubs also have slightly cheaper prices than downtown. In order to get there catching a taxi is the easiest option as there are no nearby mass transportation.

Liab Duan Ram Intra Market

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