Month: June 2019

If you are tired of the skyscrapers, shopping centers, tourist spots with many visitors in crowded head to Bang Krachao. Known among the locals as Bangkok's hidden green oasis it is a true "green lung" nearby Bangkok city center.
A well established musical genre since the 1960s, the hybrid popular music called luk thung has embodied the aspirations, frustrations, and sorrows of Thailand's working class. Find out what is it about!
Thai menthol inhalers and herbal inhalers are a cultural phenomenon. If you've ever been to Thailand you must have noticed it!
Street liquor locally known as Yaa Dong is a herb infused Thai alcohol made from local Lao Khao (white spirit) and a number of 'health enhancing' herbs. Find out more on this
Eating fried insects is normal in Thailand. Insects are low in calories, high in protein and extremely nutritious. If you would like to try them but do not know where to start give a look at our article