7 Unusual cafes and restaurants in Bangkok

Ever wondered what is it like to sip a blue cappuccino or to be served by robots? All this is possible! check our list unusual cafe and restaurants in Bangkok

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The following is our list with a detailed description of unusual cafes and restaurants in Bangkok

Unusual cafes and restaurants in Bangkok – Unicorn cafe

Unicorn cafe bangkok

Unicorns are no longer a invention of imagination at the Unicorn Café, in Bangkok. The café purpose is to bring these mythical creatures to life, the café owners are really going out of their way to deck their store with every kind of magical and mystical creatures. The walls and ceilings are decorated with all kinds of unicorn toys, the buntings and colour scheme with a beautiful purpose-pink, and all the carefully thought-out elements make casual visitors unicorn fans. When enjoying their fun drinks, delicious desserts, and all the dreamy fluff, get mesmerized with the unicorn overload.

Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville Bangkok

Themed restaurant/cafe and park that has nothing to do with chocolate. It’s hard to peg the Chocolate Ville theme together. It’s quaint and unmistakably European, but it takes its signs from many cultures, sometimes feeling like walking through an American suburb of the imagined melting-pot era. There are sprawling fields, restaurants, a fake pond and photo opportunities that makes it worth for a day trip.

Hajime Robot Restaurant

Hajime robot restaurant

If you have ever desired to be served by robots Hajime Robot Restaurant may be your dream spot, it is not a cafe per se as it specializes in Japanese Yakiniku and Hotpot shabu-shabu meals, but it certainly gives customers an interesting experience not to be missed! So, if you’re looking for a delicious meal, this is the place to go! Order your food from the menu on the touch screen and sit back and watch as your friendly live-sized robot waiter zips in and gets orders to your table. Your robot waiter will also bust a move and dance every 30 minutes to entertain you while dining!



Not sure if you have ever thought that maid cafes are a little weird? This one, located deep in MBK, from the outside is not that different from other cute dessert shops until you’re faced with a full French maid waitress. Staff are going to sing, dance and they will even call you “Master”.

Pyongyang Okryu

Pyongyang Okryu is one of the very few North Korean restaurants in Bangkok, the eatery, is located on the Sukhumvit road in a busy district. Slide through the automatic door and you will find yourself in a dining room. One of the windows is next to a counter bar, a row of tables with BBQ stoves is pushed up against the wall, and six to seven dining tables are scattered throughout the room. Every evening at 8pm, the servers turn into entertainers, dancing and singing. Dining at this place offers a memorable experience.

Nana Coffee Roaster

Nana roaster bangkok

Located in an old shop house near Hua Lamphong railway station, the building’s first floor is a flower shop while Coffee Roasters are located on the second floor. The building’s interior is tastefully decorated with antique furnishings and dry flowers, and the rusty spiral staircase connects the entire space. It feels as if time passes inside this building at a different, much slower speed. Before it even opens on weekends a line forms in front of the cafe, and the home-baked cakes sell out quickly.

Blue Whale Cafe

Unusual cafes and restaurants in Bangkok

When you get into the café a big illustration of the café’ mascot, a blue whale, drawn on the shop walls, will welcome you. The first-floor walls are all painted with a deep, ocean-like blue. The Hot Butterfly Pea Latte (90B) and the Iced Butterfly Pea Latte (120B) are well known items that customers order and are guaranteed to make beautiful Instagram pictures. Over the years it has become a must-visit spot among both locals and travellers alike. Another popular item, the Blue Whale Sour (120B) is made purple by mixing the yellow lemonade with the blue colour. They have a full menu including light breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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