7 unusual destinations from Bangkok

Are you looking for unusual destinations from Bangkok? Not too faraway from Bangkok are our 7 unusual destinations.

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Are you looking for unusual destinations from Bangkok? If you would like to see something else not too far from Bangkok give a look to our 7 unusual destinations from Bangkok.

Unusual destinations from Bangkok – Khao Yai Wineries

Khao Yai Wineries

Did you know that Thailand has a thriving wine industry? Well, that is, near Khao Yai National Park. This could be a really relaxing unusual destinations from Bangkok where you can hop on a vineyard tram and be transported through the 1000 acres of vineyards and plantations.

The highlight of many of these tours is of course the sampling of some of the amazing wines produced from the vineyards. You will have time to take a walking tour in the vineyards and other fruit plantations, and learn about the process of production and how the land is managed sustainably.

Koh Si Chang

Koh Si Chang

Koh Si Chang is an ideal island escape for those interested in discovering a less known and not too far from Bangkok beautiful Thai island. You can catch a minivan from Bangkok to Koh Loi Pier and hop on a nearby ferry to the beautiful island of Koh Si Chang. Visitors can spend the day lazing on the island shores, soaking up the sun, or getting out and exploring the island.

Noteworthy is the Summer Palace an architectural dream that was built under the reign of King Rama V. On the hillside adjacent to the Summer Palace you will find Wat Asdangkhanimitr featuring the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi tree which is said to be a Bodhi sapling in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India.

Khlong Suan Market

Klong Suan Market

Talad Khlong Suan is among one of the oldest floating market of Thailand and a bit off the beaten track, the market itself has been operational for over 100 years. Talad Khlong Suan market is located along the idyllic Prawet Burirom Canal, in the province of Samut Prakan. You can take a long boat ride through the market and sample local sweet treats along the way. Talad Khlong Suan is one of the best markets for buying wooden crafts and as you buy directly from the source you can be sure that both you and the local craftsman are getting a fair price.

Koh Kret Island

Koh Kret Temple

Koh Kret’s tiny island sits in the heart of the Chao Phraya River. Best known as a Mon people settlement, Koh Kret is a tourist destination, off the beaten track that is a pleasure to visit. This island is renowned for its pottery industry which can be observed at the Kwan Aman Museum. To this day native Mon people work along the banks of the river in their potteries shops. If you are interested in Buddhism and enjoy wandering through temples then be sure to head north to Wat Poramai Yikawat. It features an inspiring reclining Buddha and leaning stupa.

Samut Prakan City

Erawan Museum Picture

Samut Prakan is Thailand’s most centralized province, and is easily reached from Bangkok. The first attraction with its impressive array of temples and palaces will be the magnificent Ancient City of Mueang Boran. The Erawan Museum features an amazing array of traditional Thai art, from statues to furniture and much more. The gigantic three headed elephant statue is the most impressive item in the collection.  Also the reclining Ganesh at Wat Saman Rattanaram, can’t be missed. The King Rama IX Park is a beautifully maintained garden complex which features a man-made lake with fish to feed.

Ampahawa Floating Market

unusual destinations from Bangkok

Amphawa Floating Market is one of the world’s most singular markets. Not just a floating market but some of Amphawa’s market stalls are located along the tracks of a busy, working railway line.

This night market is a real treat to visit, as the sun sets over the Mae Klong River, you can sit back and watch the fireflies dance on the horizon with a Chang or maybe a Singha beer. You can pick up all sorts of strange and beautiful handicrafts, souvenirs and knock-off clothes, there’s so much to enjoy, from spicy papaya salad to fried seafood.

Palau waterfall and Khao Sam Roi Yot


If you’re after a challenge another unusual destinations from Bangkok is Pala-U Waterfall which is going to be a great place to visit. It has about 15 levels, but beginners can only get to the first 3 where they can take a dip in the mini pools.

Thailand is renowned for its many national parks and not too far from Palau waterfall you will find  Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Its name stands for, “Mountain of Three Hundred Peaks,” is not just for show; you will find a multitude of peaks with amazing views there. Go ahead and you’ll enter Phraya Nakhon Cave, house of a secret pavilion. The place is best admired with morning day light when this golden shrine looks more majestic under the sunlight.


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