A guide to Bangkok top rooftop bars

In Bangkok there is a rooftop near you no matter where you are! Read our article to discover the most interesting rooftop bars in the city!

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The guide to Bangkok top rooftop bars keeps growing, and few cities in the world can claim to have as many rooftops and sky bars as Bangkok. At this time, there are more than 30 “real” rooftop bars and restaurants, as well as a dozen of others. By “real rooftop bar” we don’t mean a terrace with a view; we mean a bar situated on the top of a building with an open sky above it.

There’s a rooftop near you no matter where you are in Bangkok! We realize this list isn’t exhaustive, but we hope you will enjoy it!

Bangkok top rooftop bars – Octave Rooftop Bar

By size, Octave Rooftop Bar is one of Bangkok’s most impressive. Built on three floors at the top of the Marriott Executive Apartments on Sukhumvit 57, Octave provides a complete 360-degree view of the city, including a unique viewpoint of the entire BTS track as well as the regular Sukhumvit traffic jams. Fortunately, it is also easily accessible by BTS.


Mahanakhon SkyWalk

Without a doubt, the Mahanakhon SkyWalk in Silom is one of the most exciting experience available in Bangkok. It’s pricey, but the views from this 360-degree open space at the top of Thailand’s tallest tower more than make up for it. This long-awaited rooftop bar, located on the 78th floor of the famous Mahanakhon pixelated building, provides an impressive view of the entire Bangkok metropolis.

Bangkok top rooftop bars

Red Sky Rooftop

This bar is located on the 55th floor of the Centara Grand Hotel in Bangkok and it is a fancy restaurant and bar with comparatively lower prices. If you get one of those spectacular sunsets, you will get why the name was wisely chosen. Of course, some days it rains, and some days the sky isn’t particularly red, but we were fortunate enough to see an incredible sunset. The restaurant most common feature is its outdoor circular terraces, but they are also prepared for rainy days with a beautifully decorated indoor room with big windows, so it’s not all lost if it begins to rain.

Red Sky Bar

Park Society/Hi-So

This rooftop offers one of Bangkok’s most beautiful sunset views, overlooking Lumphini Park and the gleaming skyscrapers of Phloen Chit. Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the few places in town where locals congregate to drink Champagne and smoke cigars while lounging on the almost-too-comfy scarlet daybeds. Great are their cocktails for an aperitif.


Siwilai City Club

In the midst of the airy view of Phloen Chit’s neighborhood, this vast complex of restaurants and bars whips up refreshing tropical cocktails. Try the grilled pineapple iced tea (with double-roasted chili and cinnamon syrup) or the Black Pearl Old Fashioned, which is an innovative take on a traditional cocktail. On a daily basis, the venue hosts some incredible musical acts.


Vertigo and Moon Bar

Moon Bar was one of the first rooftop bars in town, and it’s still hard to beat the vertiginous 360-degree views offered up by this small al fresco bar atop the Banyan Tree Hotel, which is famous for its heart-stopping 61 floors views of the scattered city lights. The views are amazing through cocktails tend to be pricey.

Vertigo and New Moon Bar

Wallflowers Upstairs

Not too faraway from Flower Market Bangkok, it may not be at the top of a skyscraper but we made an exception for this place, while you go up the creaky wooden staircase that leads to this rustic rooftop bar it will make you feel like you’re entering a hidden garden. International dishes and Garden of Eden-themed cocktails are served through a labyrinth of hanging plants, flower tube chandeliers, exposed brick walls, fairy lights, and wooden ladders.


Sky Bar at the Lebua

Without a doubt, the most popular rooftop bar in Bangkok is the Sky Bar at the Lebua Hotel on top of the State Tower. Since its inception, it has been known for its excellent position near the river, its height, and, most notably, the famous golden dome. However, after appearing in the sequel to The Hangover, it became a must-see for any traveller. While the views are spectacular, there are sometimes many people to enjoy them.


Above Eleven

If you were lucky enough to get one of the always-full balcony seats leave the tequila sunsets to the hotels and come here for well-poured piscos overlooking a twinkling Sukhumvit strip. Dudes on dates give way to groups of hard-partying locals as the night progresses, until the entire crowd goes on to Havana Social.

Above Eleven Bar

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