COVID-19 Insurance for Traveling to Thailand

In this article we will illustrate all the details regarding COVID-19 insurance to be allowed to travel to Thailand under the current immigration regime. Check it out!

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If you’re reading this article, then most likely you’re curious about getting an insurance for traveling to Thailand. Just before the borders of Thailand were closed, the Thai government applied a COVID-19 insurance requirement for COVID-19 treatment to any or all travelers entering Thailand.

COVID-19 Insurance

All incoming foreign travelers must provide a insurance policy with an insured amount of a minimum of 100,000 USD, covering outpatient and inpatient treatment upon departure to Thailand. Having this medical insurance is also required in order to apply for visa to Thailand. This rule came into effect on March 19, 2020.

According to the Thailand Insurance Commission, COVID-19 insurance for foreigners is approved to protect travelers who fall sick in Thailand. There are two parts within the coverage, as follows:

  1. In case of death caused by COVID-19, the insurance should pay compensation for the funeral and repatriation costs, up to 3.2 million THB (102,000 USD).
  2. Medical treatment after the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection and necessary treatment, the insurance should pay compensation up to three.2 million THB (102,000 USD).

In the event of being diagnosed with COVID-19 in Thailand, the insurance company should cover the prices of care and treatment of medical staff, the medication prescribed by a doctor, necessary patient transport and hospitalization into local hospital.

Insurance policies with COVID-19 coverage

From the reports seen online, Thai embassies tend to refuse documents that don’t mention the “COVID-19” coverage. The certificate must state explicitly the conditions that the insurance is for 100,000 USD or more, and that COVID-19 is covered. If your present insurance does not meet the requirements, it will not be accepted by Thai Embassy and you will not be allowed to travel to Thailand.

The insurance policy may be issued in English. If the policy is issued in another language, the policy should contain an English transcription.

How much does COVID-19 insurance cost?

The price of COVID-19 insurance will be varying and that depends on your age and how long you’ll be staying in Thailand.

1-year insurance can cost anywhere from 3,400 THB to 100,000 THB.

How to buy medical insurance for Thailand?

To find medical insurance policies that cover COVID-19 for Thailand travel is straightforward. There are two ways to test a insurance policy that meets the needs for obtaining a visa to Thailand:

  • In person at the office of the insurance company
  • Independently by using a web service such as Mr. Prakan

Keep in mind that you just should also check for Coronavirus Coverage to determine relevant policies and set the minimum cover to a minimum of 100,000 USD. Online purchased insurances that respect the criteria are accepted by Thai embassies or consulates.

Cost of COVID-19 medical treatment

Diagnostics for the presence of coronavirus by PCR for foreigners in Thailand can cost from 3,000 THB to 14,000 THB, depending on the place you’re tested. For people who meet the PUI criteria, the government will support the value of diagnosis (either public or private hospital).

The cost of treatment for coronavirus in hospitals in Thailand ranges from 700 USD to 1,000 USD per day, depending on the hospital. There might also be additional costs of staying within the medical care unit (ICU). For foreigners who are positive for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 infection), the value of treatment are going to be covered by the insurance package.

Others requirements to enter Thailand

Foreigners who are permitted to enter Thailand must present the subsequent documents at check-in counter within the country of origin and at immigration control in Thailand:

  • Valid visa or re-entry permit
  • Certificate of Entry (COE) issued by the embassy
  • Health insurance policy which covers treatment and medical expenses in respect to COVID-19, with a minimum coverage of 100,000 USD
  • Fit to Fly Health Certificate, which has been certified or issued no quite 72 hours before travelling
  • COVID-19-Free Health Certificate with a laboratory test result indicating that COVID-19 is negative, using RT-PCR method, which has been certified or issued no longer than 72 hours before departure
  • Confirmation of Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel booking for the 14-day quarantine.

General information about Medical Services in Thailand


Medical services in Thailand are one of the best in Asia so you should not worry about your health after you have a insurance for treatment and related costs just in case of an unforeseen situation.

There are about 400 hospitals in Thailand that are accessible to anyone and most of them offer high standard medical services. Moreover, most of the clinics with all the required equipment are located in large cities. within the tourist areas you may find many international clinics.

Furthermore, if you wish any medications, you can buy them at any pharmacy at low price. most medicines in Thailand are sold without a prescription.

Medical services are generally cheaper in Thailand, but the bill can add up quickly after going into private hospitals. Bills from doctors and hospitals in Thailand must be paid immediately in cash or by card, you’ll then get the costs reimbursed in most cases if you’ve got an appropriate insurance covering abroad travels.

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