E-scooter in Bangkok – Bangkok’s “Green Lung”

If you are tired of the skyscrapers, shopping centers, tourist spots with many visitors in crowded head to Bang Krachao. Known among the locals as Bangkok's hidden green oasis it is a true "green lung" nearby Bangkok city center.

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While most of people may think that fresh air and nature do not exactly correspond with Bangkok, most people who travel to Bangkok may have never heard of Bang Krachao and the possibility to use e-scooter in Bangkok. Also called “Bangkok’s Green Lung”, Bang Krachao is a vast green space located across the Chao Phraya River from the Wat Klong Toey side. The name is probably drawn from the shape of the forest, seen from a plane, that is abundant in this part of the city. It is also probably because this is one of the few breathing areas in a city normally congested and polluted.

E-scooter in Bangkok

E-scooter in Bangkok – Origin of Bang Krachao settlement

Under King Rama I Kingdom it was a settlement of Burmese Mon Tribe that were allowed to live on the outskirts of the newly built capital, after a couple of centuries this area remains pristine and the sense of being in a little upcountry village is very strong for the people who first visit the place. Its natural look it’s due to strictly enforced building code which forbids the construction in the area of high rise building and factories and also to a green conscious small community of not over 40,000 inhabitants who live surrounded by orchards and gardens.


From Wat Klong Toey pier, bicycles are available for rent, however due to the heat and humidity using an e-scooter in Bangkok is one of the best way to explore the small raised embankments and elevated pathways that meander around the Bang Krachao. Some of this narrow pathways go through small communities with homes built on wooden stilts, and you can get a sense of how Bangkok must have looked fifty or even a one hundred years ago. The destination is still quite unusual therefore tourists are very far and few. Residents give a very warm reception to visitors.

A staple attraction is the 100 acre Sri Nakhon Kuenkhan Park, a giant oasis of trees, lakes, and shaded pavilions located very close from the ferry pier. The park has walking trails, bike paths, and rents out bikes, kayaks, and it is the perfect place for a picnic with some friends over one of the heated and polluted Bangkok’s weakened. There are several food vendors and drink sellers spread throughout the park for having a picnic and enjoying the tranquil surroundings.

If you come to Bang Krachao on a weekend, it is well worth visiting Talad Bang Nam Peung which is the main floating market of Bang Krachao. This is a genuine floating market frequented mainly by locals, and few tourists know about it. Known as the honey market, Nam Pheung is a traditional Thai floating market offering a dazzling array of Thai confections, food, herbal based cosmetics and organic products. Stalls are lined up one next to each other selling rice and meat steamed in banana leaves, sweet safflower and mulberry teas, quail eggs, fresh strawberries, spicy kanom jeen noodles in curry sauce, roasted duck’s beak and even typical insects. Along the canal you can rent little boats to wander around for 20 baht, and tables are set up serving som tam papaya salad, grilled chicken, and all the usual delicious Thai market fare.

Bang Nam Pueng

Another noteworthy place that can complete your day trip before heading back to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok is Bangkok Tree House which is an Instagram friendly Café and also a totally green hotel. It is located on the artificial island of Bang Krachao. The place is not reachable by car but only by a number of intricate cycling paths or by boat. The hotel is also home to a delicious restaurant serving up a variety of international and Western cuisine, with vegan dishes available upon request.


The overall experience is definitely off the main tourists’ itineraries and it is worthwhile to explore such pristine environments conveniently located close to Bangkok’s business center and it is one of the best way to use an e-scooter in Bangkok. If you are interested but feel it would be nice to have somebody taking you around this enchanting destination feel free to check out our experiences. All our tours are guided by experienced individuals that will guide you through the places you visit and will do their best to share their local insights to make your experience unforgettable.

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