Our 10 most instagrammable places in Bangkok

If you want to know what are 10 most instagrammable places in Bangkok you have come to the right place check our article out!

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to visit some beautiful and less known attractions in Bangkok and catch some breath-taking pictures that will add color and life to your Instagram profile.

In this post, we will break down what we believe to be Bangkok’s most Instagrammable locations. For the right reasons, those destinations are Instagrammable; they are all exceptionally beautiful! Some of them may be more unusual than others however they ‘re all setting the scene for a variety of amazing experiences.

Visiting these beautiful places in Bangkok will make your trip to Thailand unforgettable and will bright up your Instagram profile. Don’t forget to bring your phone or camera with and let’s go!

Most Instagrammable places in Bangkok – Temples

Wat Benchamabophit


Made of Italian imported marbles, Wat Benchamabophit is also known as ‘the Marble Temple.’ It is one of the city’s most beautiful temples, and one of Bangkok’s best places to visit. It flaunts a photogenic beauty that will stop scrollers of Instagram in their tracks! Light colored marble is painted with red and gold splashes, while the shape has balanced curves and angles that attracts the eye!

Take a beautifully symmetrical image from the front of the inner courtyard, or catch the radiant temple in the light of soft golden hour.

Wat Samphran Dragon Temple

Wat Sampran

Wat Samphran is a truly unique temple located around 40 km outside Bangkok. Known as the ‘Dragon Temple,’ it is an 80-meter tall, white, cylindrical building covered in a massive sculpture of dragons.

The brightly colored dragon is an amazing sight, making an Instagram image memorable. Where else would you find a featured dragon on your feed?

The temple is not well known, and it is outside the beaten track. You will also be fortunate enough to step through the dragon’s tunnel that leads up the temple.

Most Instagrammable places in Bangkok – Markets

Pak Khlong Talat

Pak klong talat

It is a colorful attraction in Bangkok. Located on the fringes of the Chinatown and Bangkok old town (with Wat Pho and the Grand Palace within walking distance), this 24-hour wholesale flower market is one of the busiest and most popular trade spaces in Bangkok, and it also sells fruit , vegetables and other products to both retail and commercial customers.

A stroll through the vibrant Flower Market Bangkok brings joy to the senses as you soak up their thrilling sights, sounds and smells – but the possibilities are not confined to the market. The surrounding area boasts many famous sights and is unknown alleys can make great Instagram stories. If you want someone to take you around check out our experiences.

Talaat Rom Hop – Railway Market

Rom hop talat

Though quite a famous attraction for tourists, the Maeklong Railway Market is certainly special, and stands out from other city markets. The market is set on both side of an active train line, and several times a day, trains pass right through the market! As the trains make their approach, the vendors scuttle to fold in their awnings.

The train scrapes barely through the stalls, making a very cool and unexpected Instagram video! You can pick up a few exclusive local delicacies or fresh products from the stalls while you’re there.

Most Instagrammable places in Bangkok – Outdoor experiences

PTT Green in the City

PTT Green in the city

Owned by the giant state-owned Thai gas company, PTT is one of the few Thai company to be featured in the Fortune Global 500 Companies list.

PTT Green in the city offers an alternative view for the “jungle of concrete” that is Bangkok. With an unprecedented twelve-rai coverage, this is a project aimed not just at introducing a sense of greenery into a metropolitan landscape but also at raising consciousness about the benefits of conservation. You will have definitely the chance of breath-taking shots.

Chom Thong Railway Station

chom thong station

If you always wanted to see a train running through Tree Tunnel that’s the place to visit. Memorable Instagram photos are guaranteed. The place is in the south western outskirts of Bangkok and trains run every 15 to 20 minutes from roughly 8 am till 2 pm.

Airplane graveyard

airplane graveyard bangkok

Do you think having a 747 abandoned aircraft and two smaller MD-82 aircraft in the middle of a congested street of Bangkok is strange? Well, welcome to Bangkok. Besides the oddity of seeing giant planes lying on the side of the road, you can also see an abandoned home in the surroundings, it is said to belong to a local businessman who sold parts of the aircraft for scrap, the aircraft were stripped of seats, interior paneling, television sets, and overhead compartments. There are currently families living in the scrap planes and they have done whatever they can to make it homey, installing and decorating the interiors.

Most Instagrammable places in Bangkok – Rooftop Bars



A luxurious rooftop bar open to the public! Glide up to the top of the hotel to enjoy views of the city. Sip on fun drinks and take photos of the beautiful setting.

CHAR Bangkok


Be sure to head to this place not only for the pictures but also to try their food. They cook up some of the best local beef from French butchers over on the grill!

Park Society / Hi-So

most instagrammable places in Bangkok

This rooftop offers one of the most spectacular sunset scenes in Bangkok — looking straight over Lumphini Park and up on Phloen Chit’s gleaming skyscrapers. Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the few places that draws a local crowd, one that likes to knock back champagne and smoke cigars while reposing on the near-too-comfy scarlet daybed.

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