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If you are vegetarian and you are wondering if by travelling to Bangkok you will still have the opportunity to keep a diet consistent with your food choices, take a look at this article and you will find places that will allow you eat vegetarian options in Bangkok!

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If you are a vegetarian and you are wondering what are the vegetarian options in Bangkok or if you would like to book a trip to Thailand if you will still have the opportunity to keep a diet consistent with your food choices? take a look at this article, you will find foods and dishes that will allow you discover vegetarian options in Bangkok. Although at first glance Thailand may seem like a vegetarian’s paradise, due to the large presence of tasty fruit and vegetables, in reality those who do not eat meat, fish and their derivatives will discover that, finding dishes that respect this choice is not easy because often insidious ingredients are hidden in their dishes. We are talking above all about fish sauce and meat-based seasonings, which are present in many salads, noodles dishes, soups, curries and condiments.

However, in many parts of the country, it is possible to order a dish of rice with vegetables or a vegetarian variant of Pad Thai. Especially in in tourist areas, where many locals can speak English, it will be possible to serve you according to your own tastes, explaining that you do not eat fish sauces and its derivatives. In any case we recommend that you write the following sentences and show them when ordering your dishes just for safety:

  • “gin je” กินเจ (referring to the diet of Je religious, who follow a strict vegan diet)
  • “bpen mangsawirat” เป็น มังส วิรัต, I’m a vegetarian
  • “mai gin neua sat” ไม่ กิน เนื้อ สัตว์ I do not eat any type of meat;
  • “mai ow nam bplaa” ไม่ เอา นำ้ ปลา I don’t want fish sauce as a condiment.

In Bangkok recently have been introduced restaurants to cook every dish in strict compliance with vegetarian requirements.

Vegetarian options in Bangkok – Broccoli Revolution

vegetarian options in Bangkok

Located between the “Phrong Phong” and “Thong Lo” skytrain stations, on the main Sukhumvit road. It prepares food based on vegetables and it is a bright two-story bistro. The quinoa burger popular dishes, along with the cauliflower tempura in a spicy sauce.

Sizzler Restaurant


Among the vegetarian options in Bangkok there is Sizzler an American chain, very popular in the capital. There are great salad bars where you can fill your plate as much as you want. There is also a good choice of soups, pasta and fruit in the salad buffet. Vegetarian options are good and the prices are reasonable.

International food


Indian restaurants are great if you are looking at vegetarian options in Bangkok: They are very popular, even in shopping malls and their food courts. Many are located in Nana, Khao san, and Silom area etc. Indian restaurants always have a vegetarian section on their menu, some Indian restaurants are even “pure vegetarian”. Typical dishes are: chickpeas in tomato sauce, potatoes and peas, lentils and many others. There are also excellent Indian breads (Chapati, Naan).

Israeli and other Middle Eastern restaurants (Shoshana on Khao San Road): You can find Israeli restaurants in the Khaosan area. Typical vegetarian dishes include Falafel, Humus, Tehina, and salad.

Salad Bar inside the Gourmet supermarkets


A famous one is located at the Siam Paragon shopping center. In its basement, there is a gourmet supermarket with an excellent salad bar. You can compose your salad and pay for it by weight. There are many vegetarian choices in this salad bar and the ingredients can vary on a daily basis. You can buy drinks in the supermarket and pay at the cashier and then eat in at the food court, on the same floor.



If you wish, you can try a “Bowl” for breakfast; a large bowl of fruit, acai (a South American plant with therapeutic properties), oats, dried fruit and chocolate or yogurt.

“Summer Bowl”, is a welcoming place where you can enjoy variations of Bowl from the one with Acai to the one filled with fruit along with soymilk smoothies and raw vegan desserts.

You can enjoy excellent bowls served in wooden containers with the possibility of composing your own bowl according to what you want. This place is also perfect for a snack away from traffic and heat. In addition to the bowls, smoothies are served here.

At Nourish Cafè, which enjoys a particular location as it is located above a gym where you learn martial arts, you can enjoy sitting on comfortable pillows. Traditional dishes such as Pad Thai and Miang Kham, or international dishes of Mexican food, burgers, salads, soups and Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus and falafel are served.

It is perhaps useful to know that in Thailand dairy products are not used which are replaced by coconut milk, lard is not present and fruit is found in large quantities. For those who want it, in Bangkok you can find a large number of traditional cooking lessons that usually last between three to five hours.

Bangkok may be among the best cities in the world to discover new flavors that satisfy all tastes.

As a Thai saying goes “ten tongues that talk are not worth two eyes that see”.

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