9 Most popular Thai Drinks

If you find yourself thirsty for a drink, quench your thirst with one of the unique beverage choices Thailand offers. Discover the most delicious Thai drinks here

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Thai street food and drinks vendors are what makes Bangkok and Thailand undeniably a unique destinations. Differently from strong alcoholic drinks which are also called Yaa Dong mainly drunk during parties, or energizing drinks that are drunk for keeping on working, nonalcoholic beverages are mainly drunk to quench the thirst under Bangkok’s unforgiving heat. Thai drinks are especially interesting and are a “must try” for anyone who approaches the City of Angels. Just a word of warning for anybody who does not like or cannot drink excessive sugar, in Thailand no drink is deemed too sweet especially thanks to palm water and condensed milk. Sugar in some occasions is not measured by the number of spoons but rather by its “thickness” – One or two centimeters – Before getting into the details of what are the most popular drinks you are likely to encounter in Bangkok’s streets it’s important to notice that people especially during the 90s and still in many parts of the countryside use plastic bags to pour their drinks in. If it is a cold drink, the ice is gated and then put inside inside, then drinks are poured and eventually a straw is put inside and you are ready to enjoy your drink.  Unlike spill prone cups, plastic bags are more handy and can be carried around on motorbikes thanks to their handles, you will just have to find a hook where . A coke poured in a plastic bag is with ice and a straw is a fond memory for most Thais and it was extremely common especially during the 90s.

Thai drinks

Popular Thai Drinks

However, it is time to quench our thirst under the unforgiving Bangkok’s heat; the first drink you are likely to spot is the O-Liang (in Chinese) which is black iced coffee, known as Thai iced coffee. O-Liang and normal coffee are actually made from the same coffee beans, nevertheless their roasting and brew process is different

Pomegranate juice or Nam Thabthim: beneficial to the health, it is a good source of vitamin C and is full of fibers and antioxidants. If there is no added sugar, it is absolutely an healthy choice for your body.

Iced cocoa or Coco Yen: Some might think that the taste differs from the cocoa people drink in western countries. It is generally sweeter and with less texture. What you usually get is Milo or Ovaltine drinks – which is the Thai equivalent of cocoa. Milo and Ovaltine are quite different in taste and both have their own strong Thai fan base since their childhood days.


Thai Milk Tea or Cha Yen: It is generally composed of a blend of strong Ceylon Tea, condensed sweet milk, and normal milk. Better tasted while eating a Roti, this combination can unlock all your senses!

Lime Iced Tea or Cha Manao: It is for persons who love tea but without all the milk and diary products that are typically included. It is brewed from the same cha yen but instead of being served with condensed milk, is served with freshly squeezed lime juice.

Sugarcane Juice or Nam Oy: If you have a sweet tooth this should be definitely on your “Must Try” list. Usually, the sugarcane lies next to a vendor, the sugarcane are taken and go through squeezing machines that extract the juice from the plant. Thai drinks are usually very sweet but this one it is difficult to ingest quickly because of its powerful sweet flavor.

Butterfly Pea or Nam Anchan: It’s a typical Thai drink, you’ll find it in vivid blue cocktails or as a deep purple beverage mixed with soda, lime juices or honey. Considered an herb or flower – butterfly pea plants are attractive because of their vivid signature color.

Bael juice or Nam Matoom: is a woody textured sweet and aromatic drink. Although the fruit shell is hard to break, the pulp inside is quite soft. Bael juice gets extracted from the soft pulp and it is yellowish-orange in color with a sweet taste. This juice is considered to be one of the best summer drinks for its incredible cooling properties


Pandan juice or Nam Bai Toey: is one of the most refreshing thirst quenchers. It is made from extracts of pandanus leaves. It is especially well appreciated during hot and humid days.

We hoped you enjoyed our list of typical Thai drinks and that you will have the chance to try them during your stay in Bangkok. In all our experiences, we will make sure you try some of these traditional drinks. For any information, feel free to reach us out at info@theunusualtrip.com.

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