9 Best Mobile Application in Bangkok

If you are wondering which are the best mobile apps while staying in Bangkok, give a look at our article! These are the 9 most useful smartphones app to use while in Bangkok, we hope will find this article useful!

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The following 9 mobile applications were the best mobile apps in Bangkok that we found useful while staying in Bangkok. We hope will find this article useful.

Best Mobile Application in Bangkok – Grab

Now that Uber has packed up and left Southeast Asia, Grab, the pick-up service app, makes it easy, painless and affordable to get around Bangkok. With Grab, riders can choose from a range of different vehicle choices, including taxi, mototaxi, or a car that can hold up to seven passengers. Besides drives, Grab also has the Grab Bike feature, which is a delivery service. Whatever you need, the Grab Bike driver will get it for you.

Best Mobile Application in Bangkok

Food Panda

Food Panda is an app that enable users to consume an abundance of food without ever needing to leave your accommodation’s comfort. There are a range of different restaurants to choose from with this delivery app, including Indian, Thai, vegetarian  and drinks.



If you love food and you love to get a good bargain, then make sure to download Eatigo, which provides massive discounts up to 50 percent at restaurants in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya during non-peak dining hours. This may not be the app for discovering hidden gems, but if you’re looking for a bargain buffet at one of the city’s top hotels, then this is for you.



Lazada is considered a legitimate alternative for Amazon. Lazada started expanding as an e-commerce platform in Thailand in 2011. You can access a wide range of items, from appliances to jewelry, once you download the software on your mobile phone. The app works well and deliveries are very quick; however, many items for sale have only the details and description written in Thai (even if you see the website in English).



The Asian messaging app similar to Whatsapp could be worth downloading. In Thailand, everyone, really everyone, use it!

You will need to include your phone number once installed, type in your name as it appears and all of your contacts, and upload your photo. Like Whatsapp, Line also provides the ability to make calls, send messages and build chat groups, as well as video calls. There is also the option to post your photos online in pure Instagram style on what is called the “timeline”.

The interesting thing is the amount of emoticons available for all occasions (and most loved by Thais). Some are free to download, others include a fee. You may also opt to use your previously created Line ID to add your friends both through your phone number and via your previously created Line ID.


Google Maps

For travelers making their way through Bangkok, a map application is important. For a few different scenarios, including finding lodging, avoiding getting lost, or steering your taxi driver in the right direction, Google Maps can come very handy.


XE Currency

It can be a pain to convert money into another currency each time you buy something. XE Currency provides you with a simple solution. You can do that easily with XE Currency if you are traveling to Bangkok and want to convert Thai Baht into your own preferred currency. The exchange rates are very accurate and there is absolutely no charge for this information. This software does not restrict currency conversion, but also supports international currencies.


Bangkok Post

It is nice to know what’s going on in the world when you are moving to a foreign country. What a better way to do that by reading the most famous local English speaking newspaper. Thailand’s second oldest newspaper offer individuals comprehensive details about local, international and world news. It also covers the subjects of finance, fashion, travel, etc. Bangkok Post is written in English language, so it is simple to understand for anyone from any region. In the morning, it is good to give this app a look and then set out to explore Bangkok.

Bangkok Post App

SkyTrain BTS

BTS stands for Mass Transit System Bangkok. This BTS Skytrain operates in Bangkok, linking numerous Bangkok stations. Thailand has numerous transport networks for the Bangkok BTS Skytrain, such as buses, cars, taxis, ferry/boats. Compared to other modes of transport, the BTS Skytrain is simply a rapid transport system. So if you’re going to Bangkok and want to try out the BTS Skytrain, go ahead and use the BTS Skytrain App there. This will allow you to navigate between all stations, calculate advance tickets and more.


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