Local things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is an awesome city but sometimes it is hard to avoid the crowds! That is why we are sharing a short list of local things to do in Bangkok!

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Local things to do in Bangkok – Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market 

Klong Lat Mayom

Southeast Asia’s floating markets are no longer what they probably used to be. Many of these markets now act more as photo opportunities for visitors rather than as places for locals to buy products. Damnoen Saduak is Thailand’s most popular floating market, and according to many sources, can be a tourist trap. A worthwhile visit to an authentic floating market near Bangkok could be Khlong Lat Mayom.

The Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is just 17 kilometers from Bangkok’s city center, making it convenient to visit even if you are spending a short time in Bangkok. You will probably among the few tourists, the market is mainly aimed at locals. The market is divided into several parts by canals where you can purchase fruits and other snacks.

Pak Klong Talat

Local things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok flower market it’s still a nice spot to walk around and hang out with the locals. This market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and its busiest hours are at night. Flower prices are similar to wholesale market prices, they fluctuate depending on the demand and the season. Exotic flowers like orchids, on the other hand, can be found for a fraction of the price of Western countries.

Take a stroll through the flower stalls and pick a bouquet for your sweetheart. Since the Pak Khlong Market is just 2 kilometres west of Chinatown, you can visit both within the same evening.

Free Muay Thai

Muay Thai Fighters

Bangkok appears to be the place to see real Muay Thai. However, if you do not want to pay money for tickets sold on Khao San Road read on. If you happen to be in Bangkok on a Sunday, you have the chance to watch an authentic Muay Thai match… for free.

Channel 7 is a free public television station that broadcasts live boxing matches every Sunday at 2 p.m. and every third Wednesday of the month at noon. The bulk of the audience members are locals – mostly men – and it’s fascinating to watch them place bets on the fighters. Overall, this is a truly unique and genuine Bangkok experience.

You can walk to the Channel 7 building in about 20-30 minutes from the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

The show begins at 2 p.m. (the fights do not begin until 2:15), but try to arrive by 1:30 p.m. as the arena fills up fast. On the other hand, being too early will result in a lot of idle time. There is a metal detector located near the entrance, and someone will search your bag before allowing you to enter the arena. There is a section designated as “foreigner seating” you will be probably led there (opposite to the entrance).

Since there is no easy access to a bathroom inside the stadium, make sure you use one before entering. It’s difficult to leave during a match, so you may leave only when the game is over. There are many matches, with the youngest fighters competing first and then the older fighters. Each match consists of five rounds and lasts approximately 20-30 minutes in total.

Visit Abandoned Airplanes

Five planes sit abandoned just outside the Bangkok’s downtown, waiting to be explored. The grounds are owned by a local family who will let you enter for a fee. We’ve heard that entrance fees range from 200 to 300 baht per person (roughly $6.50 to $9 USD). Photographers and those looking for a rare experience off the beaten path flock to this so-called airplane graveyard. If you decide to go make sure to bring some insect repellent because the tall grass attracts a lot of mosquitoes!

Airplane in Bangkok

One way to get there is taking the Klong Saen Saep canal boat and getting off at the last station, Wat Sri Bunruang. It’s just a 5-minute walk from there. You can also take the BTS train to Phrakanong station to get there. (exit 3). From there, walk to the bus station and wait for bus 40, which will take you nearly the whole way there, minus a 5-minute walk.

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